• Consultation

    Our process begins with a consultation at our client’s property. During that time, we will get to know each other and discuss their wish list. We will review the elements such as existing grading, trees, accessory buildings, microclimate, adjacent properties, and other aspects specific to the property, which will ultimately influence the project.

  • Design

    After the consultation, we move to the design stage. This involves doing a detailed site inventory such as measuring the house, accessory structures or walls, property lines, existing trees and elevation points. Good grading is a critical part of a landscaping plan, to ensure the flow of water is directed away from the house, and neighbouring properties. We will also discuss budget, to ensure that implementation of the design is realistic and attainable. We also sometimes complete projects in phases, in which the design will address and plan for that.

    Next a drawing is created to scale followed by a meeting with the client to present the plan. Things like layout, material selections and plant palette are all reviewed. After some revisions and tweaks, the plan will be completed to spec. It showcases the material and plant selections as well as other pertinent design details.

    We also offer 3D design as a way to illustrate the design. Our clients love seeing their spaces come to life with detailed renderings showing colours and texture.

    Once the client has a landscape design they love, we provide a detailed quote to construct it. The quote breaks the project down into elements such as garden bed preparation, planting, stone patio, woodwork, and other key items for the project.


2D Design

3D Design

  • Construction

    Now we are in building mode! We go over key aspects of the project and walk the client through the entire process before we get started. We always keep a clean job site, ensuring that our working area is kept as tidy as possible during construction. Safety for our crew, client and the public is paramount; we are continually striving to work more safely. We also work hard to communicate effectively with our clients, suppliers and anyone else involved in the project. Having the owner present on site means the client has direct access to discuss the project at any time, and ensures a professional job site. At the end of the project, we walk the client through their newly landscaped space to discuss things like maintenance, plant care and warranty.